Have a car you'd like to sell in Denver?We'll purchase your car outright or sell it for you.

The smarter, safer way to sell your car.


Guaranteed Purchase Price


$995 Starting Commission


No "Up Front" Fees To Pay

How Does It Work?

Location, Location, Location!

Sitting smack-dab in the heart of “Auto Row” on South Havana Street in Aurora, new car dealers include Acura, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and Volkswagen, bringing a wealth of car buyers to the street. Just one block south of Mississippi, our giant used car facility sits directly across the street from the new “Gardens on Havana” shopping center, boasting big, brand-name stores and popular restaurants, giving us tremendous street exposure. Your car is available for showing Monday-Saturday during business hours. Although closed (by law) on Sunday, you’ll find many shoppers browsing our secured lot for their next purchase. And when selling a used car, exposure is the key.


In addition to our fabulous location, reputation, referrals and hundreds of repeat customers, our hefty $75,000-plus monthly used car advertising budget attracts buyers from throughout Colorado. All consigned vehicles will be advertised on major automobile websites, and many will be featured in our large, full-color ads seen frequently in the Denver Post.


Starting at just $995, your car nabs a space on one of the hottest used car lots in Colorado, while our professional staff does all the work and sells your car for you without you ever having to meet the buyer. And the commission fee isn’t due until your car is sold. We will take the phone calls, deal with the tire-kickers, accompany prospective buyers on test-drives, deal with the trade, arrange financing, offer a wide array of extended warranties, make necessary pay-offs and process all title documents. Once your car is sold, you’ll receive your funds within two business days, even if money is still owed on your car. We will also buy your car outright and give you a guaranteed price if you decide to sell it at a later date.

Guaranteed Purchase Price

In addition to consigning your vehicle, we will give you a guaranteed price at which we will buy your car. With millions of dollars in buying power and purchasing as many as 300 cars a month, we are very much “in touch” with the current market and no strangers when it comes to buying cars, and will pay you top dollar for your vehicle if you wish to sell it outright. If you still owe money on your vehicle, we will verify your payoff amount and give you a check on the spot (during office hours) for your equity. A check for the payoff will be sent to your lender within two business days. This is another advantage when selling your car to Suss, because most dealers will not pay a seller for their equity until the title is received from the lender, which can take as long as three weeks.

What We Consign

We are looking for clean, later-model cars, trucks, sport-utilities, vans, minivans and crossovers. Although we’d prefer cars less than 10 years old, we do make exceptions depending on the vehicle, number of owners and the mileage.

Determining The Sales Price

Our professional staff will do a thorough market analysis on your car, checking Cars.com and AutoTrader.com to see where similar vehicles are priced. We also look at current auction results, for these most accurately reflect current market conditions. Keep in mind, even the lowest priced cars on automobile websites are still for sale. How you price your car will have a great influence on how fast it will sell, and we have intentionally kept our fees low to help you price your car competitively. And, unlike other dealers, we have no added “dealer handling” fees which generally tacks on another taxable $400-$600 to the price of a car.

Consignment Period

Our consignment period is for 60 days, but if your vehicle is priced competitively, it should sell within the first 30 days. It’s our intention to sell your car as quickly as possible at a fair and reasonable price.

Sales Staff

Location, Reputation, Advertising. We deliver it all. But equally important, who’s going to sell your car? There is a difference, because having the right salesperson can double your chance of a sale. And this is where Suss shines. The heart and soul of our used car department, this is what separates us from our competitors. Known and respected for our small, top-notch used car sales staff, you won't find any young, inexperienced "green peas" showing your car at Suss, only knowledgeable, top-producing, professionals averaging 47 years in age and over 18 years of experience. Again, when it comes to selling cars, nobody does it better.

You must appreciate the importance of having a professional sell your car, from the initial greeting to closing the sale. They can ask the important questions such as a person’s ability to buy, their credit score, where did the buyer finance their last car, if they are homeowners, how long have they been on their job, etc. These are questions a private seller is generally uncomfortable asking and could “put off” a potential buyer.

Test Drives

Before a potential buyer test-drives your car, the salesperson makes a copy of their driver’s license. (No license, no drive.) And anyone test-driving a car must be accompanied by a sales representative, with no exceptions. If a potential buyer wishes to show a car to their mechanic or spouse, they, too, are accompanied by their salesperson. No consigned vehicles will be driven for other than demonstration or reconditioning purposes.


Approximately 40% of used car buyers have a car they wish to trade, another reason why they want to purchase a car from a dealer. Most don't want to bother with selling it themselves and want to enjoy the sales tax savings on their purchase. Whether it's a $100.00 tow-away or a late-model Mercedes, we will gladly accept it in trade and deal with it's disposal. Trades are treated the same as cash and you’ll still realize the same net money in your pocket.


With access to all credit reporting agencies, we can quickly determine a buyer’s creditworthiness, and work with a large variety of lenders to best accommodate the needs of each particular buyer. In most cases, because of our strong relationship with our lenders, we can get more dollars approved at a lower rate than an individual going to his or her own bank, and offer financing as low as 2.9% with approved credit. We also acts as an agent for most major credit unions so they can do all the paperwork on the spot without the buyers needing to make a trip to their credit union. Once the contract is approved and signed, which generally takes place at the time of the sale, sellers receive their funds within two working days after the sale, even though it may take up to two weeks before we receive our funds from the lender.


It’s not uncommon for an individual to tell a seller they’re buying their car, maybe leave a small deposit, only to inform the seller a week or two later their bank wouldn’t lend them the money, even when they say they’ve been pre-approved. Some will even leave a small deposit on a car while they continue to shop. Unlike many dealers, we will not accept a deposit on a car unless it’s substantial and non-refundable, and verify the buyer’s credit and where funds are coming from before taking the car off the market, which rarely exceeds more than just a few days before the sale is finalized.

Credit Scores

Since private sellers aren’t privy to the buyer’s credit report, they’re oblivious to the buyer’s creditworthiness, whereas a dealer has instant access to this information. Many sub-prime lenders will send out a blanket of “pre-approval” letters to people with marginal credit or a recent bankruptcy, but in the fine print, they will have strict conditions and are subject to “not being honored.”


Fraudulent cashier’s and insurance checks are today’s most popular scam. If you accept a bad personal check or cashier’s check, your bank teller probably won’t recognize that it’s no good and deposit it in your account. It’s not until the check is returned that they know it’s bad, and the bank will charge your account. If you relinquish title to your car on a bad check, consider your car gone. Whoever you sold it to has most likely obtained a new title in his or another’s name and has quickly disposed of it to an innocent buyer, probably for less money for a fast sale. Even if you were to find the car a few weeks later, it’s not yours anymore, because you’ve signed and surrendered a negotiable title.

Service Fee

With our “Consign My Car” program, no money is due “up front.” Our low, get-your-money's-worth service fee of just $249 includes a professional auto detail, fresh oil change, mechanical and 130-point safety inspection, a vehicle history report, emission voucher for the prospective buyer and numerous photos to advertise your car on all major websites. This fee is deducted from your proceeds once your car is sold. However, if your car does not sell during the consignment period, we will waive this fee with no costs to you. If you’re serious about selling your car, we’re the best game in town.. And we have the credentials.


Selling Price Under $19,999


Selling Price Between $20,000-$29,999


Selling Price Above $30,000